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Animals for sale

Tellus Cool Diavo

Tellus Bior

Tellus Vior

Tellus Cool Golden Kalip

Tellus Cool Golden Beloz

Tellus Cool Golden Golar

Tellus Nijola

Tellus & AB Chins Arol

Tellus & AB Chins Rolon

Tellus Flashy Zoryna

Tellus Coated X-Bronzer

Tellus Zont

La Vidas Twinkle

Tellus Cool Coated Davio

Tellus Flashy Golden Vinja

Tellus Flashy Vinjett

Tellus Flashy Golden Pebels

Tellus Flashy Coated Pilt

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How to buy

A 30% deposit will be required. This is a non refundable deposit for reservation of animals.  A customer has 7 days to arrange for payment of deposit.  During that time, the chinchilla will be listed as 'sale pending'.  If after 7 days the deposit has not been received, the chinchilla will be listed for sale again unless other arrangements have been made.  Additional time may be negotiated depending upon the method used to send the deposit, such as “snail” mail etc.

Payment plans can be discussed via email.
Chinchillas must be paid in full prior to shipping. Shipping is available to any major airport worldwide as far as the law in the country of destination allows import of chinchillas. Shipping is priced on an individual basis depending on the amount of animals and distance. Chinchillas can only be shipped when the weather is mild, not cold or warm which eliminates shipping during certain times of the year.

Shipping Crates cost from 10 to 30 euro depending on size.

Veterinary Health Certificates are required for all international shipments. They cost about 20 euro for each shipping.

International Shipping costs and requirements vary greatly from destination to destination. In general, it is always cost effective to ship 5 or more chinchillas simultaneously.

Personal Delivery is also an option when the distance from our farm is not exceeding 100 km, or when there is a chin show where people from breeder area are visiting it. The cost can be none, or an amount substantially less than shipping, depending on delivery location.

Contact us for more information on shipping costs and requirements.

Please find below our price indications:

Chinchilla Proven Show quality Not proven show quality Pet quality Reduced for any reason
Standard 190 euro 105 euro 75 euro 50 euro
Mutation 230 euro 190 euro 170 euro 75 euro
Popular mutation color 320 euro 230 euro 200 euro 105 euro

You can check current exchange rate at Yahoo Finance: EUR/NOK, EUR/DKK, EUR/SEK, EUR/USD

Following quantity discounts are available:

Amount Discount
2 5%
3-5 7%
5-10 10%
If you think of buying more then 10 animals Contact us for a special deal.
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