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ID: 116 Tellus Gynt

Pictures of Tellus Gynt: picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
Category: Ebony
Color: Hetro Ebony
Birth date: 04.07.2004
Sex: male
Litter: Single baby
Breeder: Tellus, Rebecka Wolden
Status: sold

Tellus Gynt parents
Umbros Melody
Category: Pink White
Color: Beige Spotted
Birth date: 08.03.2002
Litter: 3( n/an/a )
Status: sold
Delta`s Silhouette
Category: Ebony
Color: Dark Ebony
Birth date: 24.11.2001
No.: S1120
Litter: 3( n/an/a )
Status: sold

Tellus Gynt grandparents
Moms MomMoms DadDads MomDads Dad
MedusaTellus PegasusPepitaSionell

Tellus Gynt grand grandparents and children
Grand grand parents
Moms Dad Mom: Cheky Minda
Moms Dad Dad: Tellus Alladin
Dads Mom Mom: Ritterspach H 141
Dads Mom Dad: Ritterspach F 646
Dads Dad Mom: H2610
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