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ID: 1414 Tellus Tomi

Pictures of Tellus Tomi: picture 1
Category: Ebony
Color: Ebony
Birth date: 22.01.2011
Sex: male
Litter: 2( n/a )
Breeder: Tellus, Rebecka Wolden
Status: sold

Tellus Tomi parents
Uniqum`s Emi
Category: Ebony
Color: Hetro Ebony
Carrier: Touch of velvet
Birth date: 23.08.2003
Current weight: 649 gr
No.: S1782
Litter: Single baby
Breeder: Uniqum`s, Maria Farstad
Status: sold
Tellus Sec
Category: Ebony
Color: Hetro Ebony
Birth date: 13.04.2009
Litter: 2( 2009-04-12 )
Breeder: Tellus, Rebecka Wolden
Status: sold
Note: Possible carrier for Violet

Tellus Tomi grandparents
Moms MomMoms DadDads MomDads Dad
Tellus BerlioseTellus BalderTellus TiraxaTellus Xaidzon

Tellus Tomi grand grandparents and children
Grand grand parents
Moms Mom Mom: Furia
Moms Mom Dad: Tummelitens Rafael
Moms Dad Mom: Riterspach Bianca
Moms Dad Dad: Smokie
Dads Mom Mom: Tellus Tiranna
Dads Mom Dad: Tellus & Galant`s Galaxy
Dads Dad Mom: Iquitos Xaida
Dads Dad Dad: Tellus Mizon
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