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ID: 1572 Tellus Coated Pom

Pictures of Tellus Coated Pom: picture 1
Category: Royal Persian Angora
Color: Medium Grey
Birth date: 01.08.2013
Sex: male
Litter: 3( Tellus Coated Moorgan Tellus Coated Moi )
Breeder: Tellus, Rebecka Wolden
Status: breeding stock

Tellus Coated Pom parents
Tellus Coated Moori
Category: Ebony
Color: White
Carrier: Angora Sapphire Violet
Birth date: 22.04.2011
Litter: unknown
Status: breeding stock
Note: "RPA 12,5%" Pos sapphire carrier
La Vida`s Pompei
Category: Standard grey
Color: Medium Grey
Carrier: Angora
Birth date: 08.06.2012
Litter: unknown
Breeder: La Vida`s, Ida Rambøl
Status: breeding stock
Note: 50% RPA Carrier

Tellus Coated Pom grandparents
Moms MomMoms DadDads MomDads Dad
Tellus Coated Mint DelightTellus BooriLAVidas NefertitiVertigo

Tellus Coated Pom grand grandparents and children
Grand grand parents
Moms Mom Mom: Tellus Phelixia
Moms Mom Dad: Mursilis
Moms Dad Mom: Tellus Oria
Moms Dad Dad: Sørigs Booster
Tellus Coated Areola
Tellus Cool Coated Daivina
Tellus Cool Coated Davio
Tellus Cool Diavo
Tellus Cool Daivona
Tellus Flashy Coated Pilt
Tellus Flashy Coated Pompel
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