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ID: 514 Tellus Gax

Pictures of Tellus Gax: picture 1
Category: Ebony
Color: Hetro Ebony
Carrier: Violet
Birth date: 21.10.2005
Sex: male
No.: S2652
Litter: 3( Tellus Tiraxa n/a )
Breeder: Tellus, Rebecka Wolden
Status: sold

Tellus Gax parents
Tellus Tiranna
Category: Wilson White
Color: Black & White
Carrier: Ebony
Birth date: 05.02.2004
No.: S2012
Litter: 2( 2004-02-05 )
Breeder: Tellus, Rebecka Wolden
Status: RIP
Tellus & Galant`s Galaxy
Category: Violet
Color: Violet
Birth date: 14.04.2002
Litter: Single baby
Breeder: Tellus & Galants, Rebecka Wolden & Linda Olsen
Status: RIP
Note: NuCh

Tellus Gax grandparents
Moms MomMoms DadDads MomDads Dad
PippiAndvari`s Ju JuMary MispelGalant

Tellus Gax grand grandparents and children
Grand grand parents
Moms Dad Mom: Black Magic, Varina
Moms Dad Dad: Delta`s Silhouette
Dads Dad Mom: Fantasia
Dads Dad Dad: PSK X999
Tellus Gittax
Tellus Damien Thorn
Tellus Chock
Tellus Tiga
Tellus Tilia
Tellus Moet
Tellus Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
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Tellus Lambrusco
Tellus Gasparossa
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