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News: Show in Varberg in Sweden

Than it was time for show again in Sweden. This time it was placed in Varberg. People from Norway and Danmark was on spot for to “fight” for the ribbons. 149 animals was registrated minus some few that was taken from list in last minute. Almost one third of them was juniors and if we add the baby class it really was half of the animals at show. The Ebony class adult individuals was the largest groupe. It was so divided in black, brown and white ebonies. It was oly two adult sapphires in this show. I counted to about 40 people in the room. Outdoor it was spring in the air. Sun was shining and everything started to be green. I overheard somebody that had drive to the see not far from the show. They had seen people taking a bath already. Sounds coold. They informed about that probably members of the club had caused problems for all when it comes to chinfood. That’s why it will not be sold this time at show. The food is not marked proper and the club have no permission for sale it. The club has started the work with apply for permission and they are told that this shall not be any trouble with. They still sold T-shirts and other stuff as usual. The judging was going fluently and without any visual problems through the day. It also seamed to be normal points this time. Many prices went to happy Danish people that had driven a long way to join the show. As usual it was some breeders that was up and collecting some prices but mostly evenly spread. It was also more certificates that was given out this time than last autumn. I was staying in Malin home this time and we both had a jackpot day as can be seen on the picture.

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