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News: GUIDE - Shipping Chinchilla

Many people from different countries, has imported chins from Tellus Chinchilla through the years. Request has come from all over the world. In many cases it stops by the barrier of difficulties to have the correct papers and how to do it 1. Import papers ( ask your veterinary, customs or food authority to get the forms) 2. Prepare where the new chins home (If you have chinchillas from before, you may need to prepare a quarantine room separate from the other. Prepare cages and space enough for the newcomers) 3. Make your agreement about witch chins to buy. 4. Set a date for the transport. (Remember: do not send chins in the most heat period or the coldest) 5. When chins arrive to your airport be prepared to show veterinary papers and to pay taxes of the amount you have spent on chins. 6. Make it comfortable for the newcomers and enjoy your new friends. Summary of costs > Price of chinchilla, Vet. Documents, transport / ticket, Taxes, maybe vet control at the airport. <> -LINKS - http://www.trustforwarding.com/ - http://pettravelstore.com/categories/Pet-Passports/

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